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Who Still Has Beds?

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Following on from a comment about those transferring into GMFRS having to get used to not having beds, the question is do you still have beds?

We're fortunate enough to still have them and long may it continue.

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Try to keep them as long as you can. As you already know we lost ours 11 years ago and Im sure our health has suffered as a result. Ive been lucky, or unlucky enough to work at busy stations so a night in a bed has never been something I have experienced regular. It was the one hour quality nap between shouts or longer that made you feel better the day after. Quality of sleep over quantity. Those who know me well know I am a night owl anyway, but I miss that hour or two I got, meaning I didn't have to catch up as much after, or between nights. Never mind, only 6 more years to go :)

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I'm still an outsider to the fire service - what exactly was the justification for removing beds in the first place? I'd have thought removing them just contributes to worse sleep and making bad backs even worse!

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Politics. Resting in a horizontal position in a chair when all other work is done is acceptable. Doing so in a bed is the kind of leftie pinko socialist idleness that nearly lost us the war eh what.

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Still got them down here in South Wales. New stations and refurbs are being built with indivdual bedrooms, hopefully that's a good sign! 

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Still here in Surrey,new builds with individual rooms -good for the snorers amongst us...I got banished from the dorm many years ago when I was a ff???  oics get there own rooms generally

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Lost ours back in 2005 Noddy. I think it was our then CFO (Barry Dixon) who was rather upset after the FBU had drawn a picture of his head with a snakes body wrapped around pumps he had taken off the run, under the guise of modernisation. 

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I'll ask at work mate as I can't remember to be honest its been that long.  Its a nonsense when ever since they went, we are still able to 'rest' on nights, but on our own 'platforms' :S

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Fold down beds in the bunk room at Falmouth, individual rooms at Tolvaddon and they drag mattresses around during the summer at Newquay. Snorers get banished to offices.

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Those of you that have lost beds are you still on the 2,2,4 shift pattern? 15hr night shifts?  We were told it's EU law to have sleeping accommodation for anything over a 12hr night shift. 

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Saucepan (?)

The working time directive (soon to be added to the useless EU red tape bonfire) says you have the right to 11 hours break between shifts and 24hrs of uninterrupted break each week.  

So a 09:00 to 18:00 day and 18:00 to 09:00 4 on/4 off system is contrary to the WTD as you only achieve 9hrs break between nights

Nothing I can see about supplying Fireman Sam quilts, fluffy pillows, 'platforms', hot water bottles or teddy bears  for 12+ shifts :)


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On 17/06/2017 at 21:29, MarkG said:

 they drag mattresses around during the summer at Newquay. 

I was under the impression Newquay was day crewed? Do they increase the shifts for the summer period?

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Newquay is 24hr crewed in the summer from June to September, was introduced after Penhallow fire in 2007

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I have a basic version of one of these bed-chair

When I was defence fire service our day crewed station would do occasional standbys if they were doing overnight explosives works. Basic bed surprisingly comfy, especially with a sleeping bag over it. 

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