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Rosenbauer AT

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Hi all, I've just seen pictures of our 2 new Rosenbauer AT appliances in build - due into service later this year.

Q/ any services running with these? Views?

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Bloody tall! But impressive beasts. Can't remember the specs of the top of my head. Lands End airport uses one and Serco are looking closely at it (along with the panther) as a dual domestic/low cat tender.

Given that they double as a crash/airside vehicle is there any kind of weight issue like there was with the CARPS? Where abouts is Surrey looking at having these?

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Your right about them been tall, I went in one of the Buckinghamshire ones at Rosenbauer last January, the thing that I wasn't keen on them was the step on the crew back where it comes out as part of the door.  Other than that the quality is good.  Forgot about Lands End one, it was one of the first in the UK I think.  Staffordshire were looking down this route but not heard any more on it, going down the compact Volvo with the AT.

Surrey have just taken delivery of 2 Sprinter's by Rosenbauer very similar to the Cornwall ones, who have also ordered some 12 tonne type B which I think might be the AT as well.

You get what you pay for but there isn't much competition left in the UK now, mainly been Emergency One, Rosenbauer, Angloco and W H Bence these days in the big name builders but only really Emergency One as mainsteam type B builder so I think Rosenbauer have sized the opportunity.

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20 hours ago, Matt said:

Buckinghamshire have 3 on MAN's

That's right, in Buckingham, Aylesbury and Wycombe.

Not overly impressed. As mentioned, very tall. Taller than on GMFRS twitter.

Much prefer Scania.

Word is, trialling them, putting miles on them before passing onto on-call duty.

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23 hours ago, Matt said:

You mean Liam & Noel the TRU vehicles?

Don't know if that will work out given the brothers history.xD

7 hours ago, Matt said:

You get what you pay for but there isn't much competition left in the UK now, mainly been Emergency One, Rosenbauer, Angloco and W H Bence these days in the big name builders but only really Emergency One as mainsteam type B builder so I think Rosenbauer have sized the opportunity.

What about JDC have they left the stage?

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That is different, doesn't look as tall though as the Buckinghamshire ones.  Wonder what that cab will ride like though?

@Keith JDC laid a load of staff off the other week, there is a few doing the likes of warranty work, the Northamptonshire order wasn't full filled 100% and as far as I am aware there is little to nothing on order now from them.  They have been selling loads of stock off and have give up some of the land next to where they are.  Not good news but been coming for the last year.

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6 hours ago, Bgjm21 said:

It’s a bit Star Wars isn’t it?

is the crew separate from the driver/OIC? Looks like the truck is split?

No just looks like that


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So all the improvements in ergonomics represented by all the clever sliding shelves and contraptions that bring the high storage to you.... has been replaced by a bloody great big step/running board!!

Two things spring to mind:

1. Trips and falls

2. Vehicle collisions with the open step

Number 1 (merely from the photo) looks like a real concern. Crews rushing, carrying gear, poor light, muddy or slippery ground - and perhaps the need to step off backwards insights - send alarm bells off in my head

The devil is in the detail and I have only seen these images so am I wrong In being concerned about this risk?

What' the advantage? I pump carrying tow pumps kit? Or additional crew?

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Can't comment  fully, as like you, can only go by the pictures here, but having seen some more design drawings some of the clever designs that bring the storage to you are still there...it doesn't just rely on the step, but I'll wait to see further plan drawings.

The lighting around the vehicle is greatly improved, but I get the slippery step issue, not sure how this mitigated.

I don't get the vehicle collisions , step is only deployed when parked in a safe area, same as usual - takes up the same space as a firefighter unloading equipment,  collision with what, from what?

It does carry a lot of kit, but so do all our pumps in Surrey, fans,uhps, full cutting gear (probably be battery powered)22mm 33mm 45mm 65mm hose deliveries  , they are trying also to address dirty kit issue (carcinogens).

Oh.. and it carries 4500litres of water and 200 litres foam concentrate.

Unfortunately no more ff's ( to my knowledge) but they are going to existing 2  pump stations so that might be in the mix.

Let's wait and see!

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Interesting that in the day and age of downsizing pumps surrey have opted for this brute.

What niche in the overall plan does the vehicle fill? Was having that much water/foam on one appliance part of the requirement?

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Remember we're also trialling a 2 man (or woman ) initial response vehicle, strangely enough rumoured going to the same stations!!...one big one small.

Remember we're also a pretty rural brigade, where a hydrant on every corner just doesn' happen! And with reduced crew numbers may negate having to use crew members to  find/ run in  another water source. With 2 -3 times the amount  of onboard water than usual.

We don't have foam carriers as the front line  capacity ( do have cafs appiances, & unimogs with foam monitors) and now these, the foam strategy  is largely based around a road tanker fire, and the stations where they will(might) be based are on the strategic road networks (close to mM25/M3)

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Hopefully Rosenbauer have come up with a decent joint between the bodywork and the truck cab otherwise it'll go bang when the water undoubtedly leaks in.xD

Think we've been spoilt with crew cabs from the truck manufacturers for some time now, but previously this was a common problem as the cab always moved about more than the bodywork wearing out the joint, leaving the rear cab noisy and also led to the odd shower when it was raining.

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Update. Apparently its 4 of these not 2 its not decided where they are going, if I was a betting man at least 2 would go to our two pump stations.

1 will have a cab controlled  roof monitor, all will carry two sets of ppe ( and facilities to store the dirty kit) ba sets not stowed in the cab (again to try an address contaminates -  agreed with consultation with union)

In service for October time.

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Think it's either the nh 45 or 55, rated 4,500 l.p.m at 10 bar or 5,500 l.p.m.

We have some 4010s (Hale Godiva), already in service, helps supplement the hvp or alp which both have high flow rates.

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