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50 Years Service

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Following on from @Carl 's post here about 30 years award, not many get to it but 50 years service operationally is quite some going, was only discussing with a friend yesterday who is in the elite club of a select few up here how do you think this should be marked?  I've been lucky to know quite a few of those who made it past 40 but not quite 50 years around here but a few of them are not nearing that point and I do think it should be celebrated anyone got any thoughts on it?

Only person I know so to actually pass that is Chas McGill in Hampshire but sure there will be others.  Its a lot of dedication especially those who are/were retained.  How should it be celebrated?

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Surely this kind of length of service should at least be put to the honours committee for an award from Buckingham Palace.

I don’t want to think about the state my knees would be in after 50 years’ service!

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@Rory-495 was this guy operational at any point? And has he taken his pension and been re employed?

With the pension abatement rule meaning your pension is cut to stop you earning more than you would have on your old salary, this could mean he has 'thrown away' a big chunk of pension cash for 20 years 😳

Horses for courses and all that. To be fair, health, personal happiness and job satisfaction are more important that chasing money, but it is an unusual move.

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On 18/02/2023 at 20:20, CaptainFlack said:

Chas had 52 years operatioanlly and then did some more after he "retired" so that beats that and as Carl stated he did get his MBE a few years back.

So the LFB one has 54 years, I've known a few that retired a few years back but not not exactly sure but were close to the 50 it does seem that 50 is an elite few.  

@JonnyHolbs something the Palace would be quite fitting, the KFSM to me is the ideal one after 50 years service that is some going and it does seem to be an elite few who get there.

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So after 50 years one of those in the elite has served his notice, we are down to 2 with 45+ years up here as far as I am aware.  Currently sat here enjoying some beers he bought me the other week and will be enjoying some more with him later in the year but how many do we have now with 45+ years and still operational?

Those with time served of more than 30 years are a rareity let alone 50.

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I met one last month. Well, I'd met him before but had no idea that he had joined as a junior firefighter in 1974. 50 years operational service as of next year. All at the same retained station.

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7 hours ago, Matt said:

but how many do we have now with 45+ years and still operational?

At least 1, with another 2 that I can think of who are close if not quite over the 45 years down here in Essex.  All on call.   A number of others up around 40 years. 

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On 20/02/2023 at 08:34, Rory-495 said:

He's a group commander and I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) he is still serving! 


I'm 55.... I did 31 years and I've been retired 5 years, In fire service circles, I'm old. 'Uncle Brian' joined in 1969, when I was a year old.... and he is still Going!!! More of a thorn in their side than anything. I haven't spoken to him personally since 2022, but he still had no plans to retire. I think he intends to die in service (of old age). 

When I was a teenage recruit, he was ADO and Kingsland's Station Commander, I think he's been a DO/CG for the best part of 30 of his now almost 54 years!!!! Always operational, did anyone manage to find anyone with longer unbroken service?

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Everybody to their own I suppose, but I can't stop thinking of the 10s of thousands of pounds of pension he has lost 

And with his experience he would have been snapped up by a consultancy out there

But to be fair,  happiness is the most important thing in life, so good luck to him 

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I'm not aware of anyone longer than Brian currently, the 50 year I spoke of is next I know with various in 40+ years service.  I know there have been a few others, Chas McGill was 52 years service back in 2018, there was a few in Lincolnshire a few years back with some service but not sure on the numbers.

It's some doing, I would be interested to see if there was anyone else.

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Guy on my station joined the 40+ year club last week.  He has provided 120 hours + cover a week for the huge majority of that time.  Probably close to a quarter of a million hours on call.  

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Or more to the point, an award would be more valid than those given say a senior civil servant who - whilst they may have had significant responsibility over their career-  haven't gone beyond a 9 to 5 erole like a 40 year FF - especially a retained one 👍

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