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FSEB Lfm, SubO and StnO Exams


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Hi all, 

Probably for the older hands amongst us, but I’m after some info about the old promotion exams, particularly the Station Officer exam.

I passed my Leading Fireman exams in 2000, Sub Officer exam in 2001 and Station Officer in 2002.  I still have my certificates but nothing about the syllabus.  I’m particularly keen to remember what the 4 exam papers at SO level were…. 

So, who has these exams and can you help me? 

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Blimey, that takes me back, FSEB Exams - how I hated them and all that pointless studying, but a nice feeling when the results came through

I did my LFms (as it was) in 1986 - failed but got it in 1987. Then the Sub O's in 1989 and the dreaded Stn O in 1994.

I failed to get the entire the IFE exam in three attempts. I gave up after I found that candidates  in Australia (who were sitting the same exam 24hrs before the UK) had emailed the questions to  UK candidates - apparently for a fee!!!! What a joke

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I came across some old papers, study notes and lff and subs certificates when clearing out at work/home.

With only 6 more shifts not sure ill need them.

I could fill a skip with all the files and folders- there's only so much nostalgia you can keep !

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