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Looking for FSEB Station Officer Syllabus

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Hi all, thought I would post this here where people may remember the FSEB's. I'm looking for the syllabus for the FSEB Station Officer examination. I achieved mine in 2003 and had it recognised by IFE after they were ceased in 2005, so I now hold the Graduate membership grade. Now that I am applying for an SM job I find I am having to justify the validity of this achievement as they want IFE L3 Diploma. Anything else needs to be Accredited Prior Learning (APL). You couldn't make this up!!! I would appreciate if I could get a copy then I could show how it cross maps, though it p#&ses me off having to justify this.!! Does anyone have a copy of the syllabus or could offer any useful advice please? Cheers, Joker

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Hi mate I passed my station officers exam in the olden days so might just have it somewhere.... I’ll take a look.  Otherwise I’ll utilise my IFE contacts and see if they have it. 

Having said that, if you hold the GIFireE grade, then you already have the Diploma as they are the same thing. 

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Hi Noddy, thanks for your reply. If you have that would be great. 👍

I had Graduate membership awarded to me when I applied to have my SO ticket  recognised in 2009. I've made the assumption that there would be no issue with service recognising it as the old Grads/L3 Diploma equivalent. 

I've sent an e mail to the IFE membership team requesting info on the cross mapping exercise that IFE would have done to equate the FSEB SO exams to Grads/L3 Diploma. Also rang FSC library to see if they have the syllabus and awaiting a reply. 

Cheers 🙂👍


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No worries.  I guess your service is being pedantic in that you must have the L3 Diploma rather than the Grads.... even though they are actually the same thing! 

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Hi Noddy, Pedantic, yes!, unconscious bias maybe? (from those deciding, who've not experienced the SO exams and the study required for them) 😉... deep sigh!!!  

Do you have your letter notification with the exact exam titles by any chance? 

If my memory serves me correct there was Ops Incident Command, Fire Safety, Fire Science?, & Fire Service administration (SO role) in tray exercise, discipline regs etc.

Cheers 👍


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I’ll have a look mate I can’t remember the titles.  I’ve definitely got my certificate but not sure about the letter.  I’ve spoken to the IFE and the they don’t have anything it would seem.  However I also know the librarian at the Fire Service College so will try there too... 

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Thank you Noddy, I appreciate that.

I haven't received any reply yet from FSC library however IFE wrote me an e mail today stating the following -

'The Station Officers Examination Board, is an approved qualification that we recognise as equivalent to the IFE Level 3 Diploma. This qualification therefore meets the academic criteria for IFE Graduate (GIFireE) grade membership'. 

This may be all I have to go with and may not suit the persons making the decision. 🤔 Will continue searching! I'm going to get back in the garage tonight and have another look for the FSEB syllabus to try and cover all the bases. 

Cheers Noddy 👍


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If your people want you to have the diploma, and the IFE have written to you saying that the Grads equate to that, then couldn’t you ask for a diploma certificate off the IFE to satisfy your brigade? 

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A good question Noddy, I am waiting for the person at IFE to return from lunch to find out. I imagine though that they are unlikely to want to do that, but worth the ask 👍

I managed to find in my garage last night all four SO papers from 1999 exams! If I can figure out how to attach them to this thread I will, so that newer people may see what we endured then and the older ones can reminisce 😉👍

I also found a booklet - Handbook for Candidates Taking the Statutory Promotion Examinations, and all my LFF & Sub O lectures as well - on acetates for the OHP!! 😂😂😂 ... and even my spiel for the exam drills. Good Times, used to be good doing these on the Watch trying to help out those going for the exams and kept everybody slick with the basics, get a sweat on so as to savour the cheese toastie all the more 😉

Nothing yet from FSC Library. No reply to my phone message or e mail. 😢😢 

The exact title of what I'm after is 'Rules and Syllabuses for the Qualifying Examination for Promotion to the Rank of Station Officer' 

Cheers Joker 👍


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Yes mate I’d like to see what you have and yes, I also used an overhead projector when I did my LFF and SubO presentations 😂.  The college librarian is off this week mate hence the no reply.  I can’t for the life of me remember what the 4 SO papers were but I’m in the office tomorrow so will dig out my certificate and see if the letter is with it. 

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Remember doing exactly the same.:) Still have all the presentations somewhere and possibly on an old computer I think I have downloads of the study notes. I'll try and dig it out and see what exactly is on it and whether I have the rules and syllabus.

Had another though and used the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to see if the FSEB site was captured and had a result

Section One Rules

Section Two Syllabus & Bibliography

They are for 2005 / 2006 but I don't think the structure changed that much over the years.

For anyone else who's feeling a bit nostalgic here's the FSEB website

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Hi Keith,

Way to go!! Where on earth did you find this 'Internet Archive Wayback Machine'? Never seen or heard of it before, you've come up trumps! Cheers for that 😉 👍

So it shows the last Handbook with Syllabus study notes which appears to have been amended over the last few years leading into 2006. The past paper PDF's don't open for me for some reason? I would love to access the 2003 SO papers as that was when I achieved the overall qualification. Any ideas on how to access that through the link?

Well I've submitted my application now and will need to justify my eligibility through follow up discussions with the persons tasked with reviewing applicants. Having your help Noddy and Keith with comments, ideas and resources has been great! That's the great benefit of a community like this on the forum. Cheers 😀 Joker

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Ah I’m too late! My moles came up trumps and I’ve got the handbooks for all 3 ranks! 

Ill see what I can do about the 2003 paper and while I’m at it, 2002 when I passed it 👍

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Hi Noddy,

Thanks for the info about the FSC Librarian being off this week. If you can source the 2003 SO papers that would be great! The PDF's within the FSEB site that Keith found won't open for me?

Cheers Joker 👍

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Joker the PDF's not opening is possibly down to the browser or device you are using. You might need to install something like Adobe Acrobat to open them.

Alternatively, the documents may simply not be there. Unfortunately the Wayback Machine only takes a snapshot of the websites at the times it records them. If you play round with the dates there may be different links available at different times.

Failing that, Noddy's old school hard copies may still come up trumps.

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Playing around with the dates I found an examiners report for 2003 which included the questions asked. I also found a 2002 syllabus which would have been for the 2003 exams. Nice one Keith👍🙂 cheer Joker


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