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What has been gained?

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Following on from the topic of what have you lost, I did mean to post this one last night but forgot.

So opposite to what have you lost, what have you gained in the last 10 years?

Lincolnshire - a number of new build stations with better resources for crews, the number of day manned stations increased to 8 from 4.  Entire new fleet, development of a training site.  

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See my other post on Surrey fleet, lots of the vehicles are pretty new to the fleet- a gain I suppose.

The 2 new fire stations at Guildford and Woking replaced old ones.

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You are right @Carl I was just curious to see if there had been many.

Station rebuild's have been the main thing, couple of replacements in places, fleet/equipment has just been replacements rather than additions with newer better equipment but that's not much different to over the years.

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