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What have you lost?

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Following on from this topic, the number of 2 pump stations in LFB had dropped quite a bit but what has gone from your area in the last 10 years?

Humberside - 3 stations closed (1 sold, 1 converted to training facility and 1 only used between 2300 and 0700 apparently), 7 pumps lost.  Now down to 43 pumps and now 30 stations.

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Not sure about precise numbers of whats left in H&W but two RDS stations lost their 2nd pump ( although one of those stations did get a water carrier taken from another RDS station in exchange ) One hydraulic platform whose booms dates back to the early 80s i believe was disposed of and never replaced ( didnt get used much, although was on the PDA for the local prison. Two ALPs still in service )

No station closures yet but its on the cards

Matt, what stations went in Humberside?

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Sledmere closed in 2007, Immingham West now training facility (did say pump would go back at night but it doesn't), Cromwell Road, Grimsby (pump apparently goes from the other station in town at night, not convinced it happens every night).  

As regards to pumps lost, Sledmere, Hull East lost 1 of 2, Immingham East and West both lost one each, Cromwell Road Grimsby lost 1, Cleethorpes and Waltham both lost their pumps to small fire units.  Better option would have been to put SFU at Grimsby as an addition and leaving the 2 pumps.  

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Good shout with this topic Matt, was just about to post the same.

Not had any cuts north of the border in terms of pumping appliances (it is coming imminent though) 

Merged Parkhead and Cambuslang stations in 2011

Cut manning from 5 + 5 to 5 + 4 2015 I think...

Cut manning from 6 to 5 on aerial rescue pumps last year

No more traditional aerial appliances within Glasgow and large numbers of fire engines unavailable due to staff

This could have changed since I did my interview prep last year-

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We have had a W/T establishment cut, so at peak A/L periods (now) we ride 4's more often than not, as we have to release people for training, out duties etc.

They used to allow us to cover it with O/T, not anymore.

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Crewing I think is a given that has been cut up and down.  I dare not even do them figures I know both RDS and WDS are massively down on what it used to be.  

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12 hours ago, Matt said:

but what has gone from your area in the last 10 years?

Morale. I kid you not, its on its arse. I still love the job, but as a WM its increasingly hard to try and motivate a watch, never mind myself.

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To put it bluntly, almost half our WT firefighters.  Down from over 900 to something around 480 by the time the last proposals are in.  That comes from jump crewing ALPs and other specials, losing lots of second pumps, downgrading machines and stations from WT or Day Crewed to RDS etc.  

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