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Grenfell Tower


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I have just gone past it (5.45) and its still well alight with deep seated fires seemingly on all 22 floors

With a council yard in the basement and a single staircase I hope everyone is out... but I sort of doubt it ?

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My thoughts go to the people and families of those affected by this.

No doubt some on here might be in attendance.

Stay safe all !!

Listening to various eye witness accounts about the building does not paint a good picture of fire safety

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What a horrendous job :(

The picture that has stood out for me so far is an abandoned 9m ladder amongst loads of debris, speaks volumes about the desperate attempts crews must have made.

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Terrible news. Something that shouldn't ever happen, let alone in this day and age. Thank you to all firefighters and emergency response teams on scene and thoughts with all that are affected by this tradgedy...

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Another sad day for many people, especially with lives lost. Not a good job at all for our LFB colleagues neither. To say there is some graft to be done there would be a understatement. I have had a couple of texts from Steve over the past few hours who as many will know is on the scene. I am sure he will give us a good insight over the coming days of what it was like at the coal face.

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Way above and beyond the normal missed job envy I'm sure we all get from time to time. Sitting here at home watching it on TV, happening on a neighbouring stations ground, it's almost unbearable being off duty knowing I could help in some small way. I've no doubt there will still be work to be done long after the fire is out and I go back in so my thoughts are with the reds and blues and officers currently on scene, as well as all those affected. 

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Just found this website from the company who supplied ACMs (aluminium composite panels) which formed the cladding for Grenfell Tower

ACMs are a form of thin sandwich panel and any FF who has been in the job for any time will be sent into a sweat by that term. 

To be clear, I am making no allegations or suggestions that this product was faulty, but there has been an interest in the cladding expressed today and I thought it was useful to share the details


Have look at their projects page which confirms the type of products used

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Thoughts are with everyone affected by this terrible incident and to all the crews that attended. So awful, just can't work out how something like this could happen on this day and age. 

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There are no words for this, other than hell for all those involved, 999 family and those involved.

Hats off to those on the job, shocking scenes and not something you except to wake up to in 2017.

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I went on the 40 and as we came due west over the elevated section of the A40, Grenfell came into view and my jaw dropped, it resembled a candle wick; the whole side of the building was alight. All I will say at the moment is that the Red Watch gave absolutely everything we had.

I am tremendously proud of our exploits in what were unprecedented circumstances, frustrated that we couldn't do more, but know we did the best we could.

I am just hoping a more people made it out alive after I left as I was involved in an alive casualty rescue just after 8am, some 7hrs after time of call.

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