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Ashamed Caught Drink Driving

Crawford Mckee

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Hi guys , I'm ashamed to say due to mitigating circumstances I was caught drink driving last month. 

I'm pleading guilty , has anyone any experience of a firey getting sacked because of this ? 

No one else was involved or injured , first offence .

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1 hour ago, Crawford Mckee said:

due to mitigating circumstances

There is no such term when it comes to this offence- regardless of what your brief might told you. You try telling the relatives of someone you kill that you had 'mitigating circumstances'. No - you messed up, and to some extent, being humans, we all mess up for time to time. So for God's sake, drop the mitigating circumstances nonsense 

Yes I have known a FF to get sacked, but for a combination of drinking & driving - plus not telling his employers he was appearing in Court. 

Good luck, as my own opinion is that for a first offence, you shouldn't be sacked, but you should be disciplined or moved

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Crawford, I have removed your last post as I'm not sure you wanted to post as much information on your personal circumstances. As you have posted in the linked topic, its probably best to continue the discussion there.

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