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Active Monitoring

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As we know, many service use smart phones and a whole host of different apps as we have previously discussed here.

How many of you have a dedicated Incident Monitoring App or an App to log your Analytical Risk Assessments (ARAs)? 

We have a system of Active Monitoring which does not have an app, but is linked into Sharepoint. Its not ideal in the way Sharepoint runs, but the process of logging issues, assigning and closing the loop of any learning is good if followed through.

Is anyone using anything, either web or app based that can facilitate Incident Reviews / Monitoring and maybe a operate way of documenting ARAs?

Im looking for something more intuitive and can be built upon if needed.

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An app! 😂

We use a piece of paper that has stuff printed on it and then we fill in the bits that need doing, similar to the EARA we use. Following an incident, we then use this system of putting it in an envelope for ops assurance and it goes via internal post. We are very advanced.

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Hi Carl,

I tried to introduce Iauditor into LFRS for our IC assessments and the trial was well received but it was deemed too expensive and our IT prefer in-house products. OAT have created our own in-house debrief App but the developers have dropped the support so is unlikely to get any further development and they are now scoping for alternatives. E-Fire services are looking to roll out an Ops assurance bolt on but initial feedback was that it needs further development. Soooo long story short we are still with the in-house debrief App.

Really frustrating as I know the benefits that a good data capture app will help us with analytics and future development of training but the slow grinding cogs of the Public Sector have put paid to my enthusiasm and we are still using paper based assessment sheets. 

Hopefully we will get something together within the next 3 or 4 years 😲



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Rob, thanks for the response. Ive spoken to Ian N in your service who showed us the app, we loved it and it does what we want. Your service even told us we could have it, as we have developers that could continue its support. We went to our IT and said, look at this we can have it for free from Lancs as long as we develop it and then share it back. However that seems like common sense, so you know the rest. Hence we are looking for something still, and are continuing with paper. 🤬

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