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Everyone seems to have access to a mobile phone these days either their personal one or one associated with work. I like many have many apps installed, some good and some not so good. Id like to create a list of good apps that will perhaps help firefighters and officers in their daily work.

Here a 2 good ones to get us started :-

There must be loads out there that are hidden. Feel free to add your own and let us know why and how you use them. 

Please Note: Can you please link within the name of the app rather than just pasting a URL. This will assist in the search facility for members to locate such apps. ;)

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Sorry Carl, I can’t seem to post a link direct to the app but a very useful shift calendar I use will come up on the iOS App Store if you search ‘FF EMS Cal’. It’s completely programmable and should work on almost any shift system.

Also, I believe Gartan have an app which you can use if your service has a unique code that links to it.

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Keith, when I first moved to the northwest I remember laughing when my other half thought that the position of the sofas in the front room might cause them to get faded by the sun xD 

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There are quite a few Hazmat Apps on iOS but rather than just list them I prefer someone with experience of using them to at least recommend one. Perhaps some of our HazMat qualified FDS might be able to help us out on these ;)

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I have the NOGP . Although some parts are still under construction the scenario section is superb. It provides you with different incident types and within them bullet points resource information, risk information,Tac priorities, Ops tactics etc.

My apologies this is not an App...I have it on my iphone as an icon.


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Some good Apps detailed above. I didn't realise there were so many Fire and Rescue related Apps. 

Please keep them coming if you come across any, as I am sure some of them will be of use to some members ;)

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I've been using up on Winter Hill for the last few weeks.

Ventusky - Weather App

Viewranger - GPS tracker , Viewranger seems to be a go to for most MRT's so is great to have so they can map a fire front for you via radios and Polaris and it pings live via buddy beacon.


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iFire for our availability now that we are a resource to the emergency planning department.  Other systems do exist but this is free and we can see who is available out of the 21 of us at any one time, included a geo fencing capability so if out of range it books you off.

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I have seen a number of services successfully using the What3Words app. It has split the planet into three meter squares and has a unique combination of words to identify each one. For instance Soho Fire Station in London is crest.rear.walks, Swindon Fire Station is drum.leans.bells. 
A handy bit of kit, especially useful to identify the exact location of a rural incident. 

I couldn’t copy the link but it is easily found on the app store.

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