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In light of another thread around PPE. I wondered what we were all wearing (or expected to wear, for those who are frustrated that some can't even get that simple task right).

The move years ago was towards all looking the same, ha, that worked !

Any way our working rig is - 

Black T shirt with fire and rescue on the sleeve. Black polo shirt with fire on each sleeve and brigade crest on chest, rank markings on collars ( to be worn at all times when in general public and at station, can be taken off when in fire kit for just tshirt. But generally always worn when on duty -No sweat shirts. Black crag hopper trousers, magnum boots with zip and laces. Black Fleece with "fire" on front, can be zipped into outer jacket with one epaulet on front denoting rank( similar to miliary - no other clothing allowed, all old stock was withdrawn.

Officers have the option to wear black trousers, white short sleeve shirt with epaulets, proper shoes or long sleeve white shirt and tie with epaulettes ( typically worn for external partnership meetings etc.

I quite like it , does look a bit military and can be mistaken for police if you don't clock the words Fire. I'm sure it won't be the last time we change, I count about 8 changes of workwear I can remember !

Any one still got the B&Q look?

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LFB's is now red t shirt, dark blue short sleeved shirt with crest on sleeve and LFB logo on chest pocket.  Dark blue cargo/combat trousers and doc Martin shoes.  We also get dark blue sweatshirts and a waterproof fleece lined winter jacket.

Much much smarter than the previous dark blue t shirt and blue trouser ensemble, I now feel a bit more professional.

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South Wales still wear "smart" blue trousers, sewn in creases and no thigh pockets. 

Blue T-shirt with Red writing "South Wales Fire and Rescue Service  (with welsh translation underneath) which makes a huge amount of words typed quite small so no one can read it or recognise you unless reasonably close.

Blue Short Sleeved shirt with the same writing. We have to wear these when at HQ, training or off station. After parade on Station we can bin them for T-Shirt.

Recently been given soft shell jackets as well...but again they plumped for just the writing on the chest.

Always thought it a bit bland, no sign of a crest.  Have to look very close to read the writing on our chest. Often mistaken for Tesco Staff when grabbing dinner at work.

Would like to see us move towards your type of work wear Becile, more practical trousers and a smart polo with crest. 


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11 hours ago, Carefree said:

LFB's is now red t shirt, dark blue short sleeved shirt with crest on sleeve and LFB logo on chest pocket.  Dark blue cargo/combat trousers and doc Martin shoes.  We also get dark blue sweatshirts and a waterproof fleece lined winter jacket.

Much much smarter than the previous dark blue t shirt and blue trouser ensemble, I now feel a bit more professional.

Agreed. I just wish I was a bit more professional!

The trousers look bad with the crap shoes so I never wear them. I wear front zipped magnums from the FLT course I never did!

As Carl eludes to, my bugbear is people rocking up on standby not wearing a shirt. I find it's the newer bods who do this more than the older ones. You also see a lot of it arounf=d the brigade were people think the shirt is an optional extra. It's not, it's a uniform.

I'm happy to relax it on nights but my watch have to have a shirt ready to wear if the need arises.

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Thankfully we are back to Navy blue shirts and navy blue t-shirts with black trousers and black shoes. Officers, day staff, instructors are back to white shirts and black trousers.

We used to wear maroon!!!!!! what a pile of shi%£

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I'm at a HVP station and was issued a pair of Magnum-ish front zipped and laced boots a few years ago. I wear these instead of the shoes, they go much better with the cargo trousers.

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Black polos and black trousers here.  I cant remember the last time I saw a white shirt as all ranks wear the same but with rank markings on the collar. 

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The only addon/perk on top of all that is the FRU fleece and HAIX zip up boots which as Carefree & Mark have said, go 10x better with the cargo trs than the dm shoes. BTW white shirts coming back.... 

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We went back to White Shirts around 2014 with WMs and CMs being issued with white duty rig shirts. Due to the issues surrounding CMs who could ride in the back they soon got dirty, so it was decided that CMs could use either blue or white with WMs sticking with white. This was complimented with the respective colour t-shirts,

However, the change of shirts occurred whilst I was seconded to National Resilience and on my return was given white shirts and told to get rid of my blue. Several weeks down the line the dirty white shirts issue raised its head and WMs told they could wear their blue, provided they still had them. I didn't so ended up with white. 

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We wear navy blue shirts and red t shirts and navy blue (almost black) trousers for FF and CC

Operational WC and above wear white shirt and white t shirt with the navy blue trousers.  The crest is on the left arm.

All of these with black shoes, a rain coat and fleece which are now being phased in as navy blue and red, (some of us still have the old grey and red coats from the previous NCP grey workwear.)

We also have a black sweatshirt when needed and all except ff's wear red collar rank markings.

Officers have gone back to the white shirt, tie and trousers.

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I too share the bugbear of people not wearing shirts but I will admit on nights I relax down to a tshirt with my jumper over the top.

I always iron my shirts and have a couple crisp ready to go in my locker the only problem is there's not always time/space to take them off before donning firekit and they always end up looking scruffy before the days out.

Back up in Manchester the police have moved to a sort of combat top which I think looks both smart and really functional but then again they don't get  very many hotwears and it's probaly full of plastic!

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Navy blue shirt with brigade crest on chest, red T-shirt (the Bristol ones with fire and rescue service in silver lettering on the back), navy blue trousers with doc Martin like shoes which are a cheaper off brand so less comfortable unfortunately.

Navy blue Sweatshirts with crest and the navy & red Bristol fleeces are also issued. Fairly comfortable but look very similar to the ones the Iceland delivery drivers wear.

We can request a waterproof coat but I’ve never had one.

On our station we need to ask permission to dress down into our red tshirts. If we’re dressed down for no obvious reason, the WM tends to pull us up for it. Shirts on at all times when leaving the station except for a shout. 

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Our initial issue was 5 blue shirts with fire and rescue service on the left breast, 5 red t shirts with fire and rescue on the back, 3 pairs of black trousers, 2 pairs of Arco steel toe cap shoes, rubber boots jolly fire boots, a pair of shorts, hi tech silver shadow trainers, 5 pairs of paper thin socks, a black jumper with the Avon badge on, a fleece and raincoat. 

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I know! When I got fitted for kit I thought it was a joke! 

They stopped issuing them to soldiers for basic training due to causing knee injuries and lower back pain. Not one of us has used them since being on course. 

I had a look at a few peoples trousers today and some seem to have very dark blue and a few of us have black. I’m guessing they are just issuing our what is on the shelf.

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LFB are clamping down on the haix boots elitism. Apparently it costs too much to keep us fru bods in premium footwear so we should refrain from wearing them aside from operational incidents! yeah ok guv i’ll have a look and see if I can find my slip ons! ?

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