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Good Things Come in Threes


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Congratulations, well deserved and again a good example of putting the work in and getting where you need to be. 

I do hope yourself @Deano89 and @CaptainFlack do stay around and either document your journey through the blog facilty or at least assist others to get their dream. Moving on, I would love you guys to begin to shape the future of this forum and become regular posters in the Operational Sections as you move through your career, after all, in 5 years time I will be gone, along with many others who provide the advice now. 

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Well done to all of you. You've picked a good time to join with some promising changes incoming. Good luck on the course and anything you want to ask about the service, I'm here to help and I suspect @Carl will be happy to as well (he'd probably be more help than me ?)

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On 26/07/2018 at 09:30, KJWilliams1994 said:

@Carl I’d happily give my everything to a forum that gave me so much help. 

Nice to meet both yourself and @CaptainFlack this week. :)

So far so good for these guys on the course. Hope you continue to enjoy it. ;)

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Great effort guys, well done.  

Keep your head down during training and work hard.  

Like Carl said, I hope you stick around to help and advise those who are wanting a career in the fire service, you were those guys not so long ago.

Good luck.

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We are both still here and will continue to give advice but there isn't even time to breathe ?

Week 7 starts tomorrow - half way through the course already.

@Carl hope your course was successful boss ?

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