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Fridge Freezer Fires


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For those who didn't already know, every fire which involves an electrical appliance undergoes and investigation to identify the manufacturer in order that early problems with particular products are identified. 

I have heard many a tale in respect of Beko Fridge Freezers over the years and ITV raised the subject here some time ago, and just yesterday in Manchester, an inquest into this incident has blamed a Beko Fridge Freezer for the death of another man.

I think its only right to raise concerns over these products if you have them. 

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Same incident the BBC commented on here-


I was the in initial IC of that fire and was astonished to see how long Beko dragged their heels on a recall/repair policy when it was clear that their appliances had a fault that had caused so many fires. When entering the property after the fire, there was a beko manual on the kitchen table, opened at the faults and troubleshooting page!

As Carl says, without us reporting fires in white goods, we would be unable to recognise trends, pressure manufacturers and ultimately, save lives.

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And now Greenfell has been pinpointed to a fire started by a Hotpoint Fridge Freezer. I wonder how aware the manufacturers are in defects or problems with their products and how long it takes to issue a recall.  Should there be a better way of outlining recalls? 

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I notice @MHaldron that you are wanting to join the service, so not sure how much you know about the internal process we go through after each fire. If you do, I apologise, but for those that don't, I will try and keep it simple. 

Every fire has to have a fire report completed and in the case of electrical items, some sort of investigation is carried out by either the Watch Manager or if escalated to a Fire Investigator. The fire report includes the details of makes and models of appliances involved, if identifiable. Basically if there are a lot of a particular make and model of electrical appliances that are causing fires, they are collated nationally from all FRS's and brought to the attention of the said company. The fire report is basically used to identify trends based on this data. 

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Thanks for the link Cashy, Ive altered it slightly by linking to the words "recalled appliances" as just a link doesn't get listed when people search, whereas "recalled appliances" will ;)

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Thank you Carl. No I do not know the process, but I do find it fascinating that considering the magnitude of fires like greenfell that the source can be pinpointed, truly an amazing skill. 

Cashy, thanks for the link, will make sure to check my appliances!

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It is widely reported that North Ken's initial BA crew were in the flat of origin during the early stages of the incident. Their evidence along with the flat's occupant will provide a relatively easy pointer of the area of origin. It will be determining the cause from any remains of the appliance that may prove more tricky

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