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New Member Instructions

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If you are considering joining our discussion forums, please read the following information which will hopefully make the process of joining easier.

UK Fire Service Resources welcomes everyone, regardless of whether you are already employed within the fire and rescue service, wishing to join the fire and rescue service, interested in the work of the fire and rescue service, or you simply want advice on fire safety issues, either at home or within your business. Our membership consists of a wide range of people with various skills, but all with a common interest in the fire and rescue and the work we do.

In order to view and post within the forums, you will need to join. Joining is free; although some sections will require a subscription should you wish to make use of them. It is important that the following conditions are met, as this makes it far easier long term.

  1. Choose a suitable relevant username, you will be taken more seriously. Changing it later is not usually an option
  2. Use a valid email address. You will need to validate this before we acknowledge your membership, so ensure its valid and accurate.
  3. Do not use a 10 minute email, we simply don't accept them, so your wasting time on both our parts
  4. Do not try to circumvent the email validation or your email address, we simply delete the account without hesitation
  5. Be patient, we acknowledge accounts several times a day, but do not sit on the forum 24/7 awaiting registrations
  6. Take time to search and also read the forum guidelines and FAQ prior to making any posts
  7. Join in the conversations and discussions where you feel you can, so we can all learn and share information.

If you wish to join, please register using the top right "Sign Up" link and then fill out the required fields. Please only submit your registration once. Submitting several times does not speed the process up. Await an automated email in which you will need to validate your email address simply by clicking the required link. Once this has been completed, we will be notified and we will accept your registration resulting in a welcome email being sent to you. Once this has been received, you can log in as normal and begin to browse the forums.

If you do not receive an automated email after signing up, please contact us support(at)fireservice.co.uk and we will attempt to resolve the issue for you.

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