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BA Training - Rehydration

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Having a discussion over the weekend as I had returned with a slushy drink from the cafe (the only cool thing going and cheaper than ice-cream), it turns out that Humberside have installed a slush machine at their BA training facilities and are actively recommending everyone have one/take one with them as it is a good way to help your body recover from it.  Any ones have such machines or do you just rely on bottles of water?

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Humberside have really upped their game since I left, in various areas. Nothing like that where I am now ??‍♂️

Matt do you work in IT for Humberside?

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They certainly have developed their training facilities especially with the conversation of station to training centre and the facilities there.  Where are you now?

Nope, given up applying, they have developed that section but pay is shocking plus they use a lot of contractors and employ from that route so wouldn't stand a chance.

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I noticed a slushy machine in our bottom garage , recently used on the recruiting days testing ( when the weather was a tad warm ! ) apparently it's staying for our live fire training. 

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Interesting that 2 Brigades are using them not just 1, I wonder if there has been something discussed at higher level somewhere about the benefits?

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