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Cargo Pants

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Over the last few weeks I seem to have worn out and split my remaining pairs of Cargo Pants and so on the look out for some new ones.

There must be a USAR bid or service that issues them, if so can you recommend any? Im not looking for "DIY Work Pants" I am looking for decent pairs and those worn by USAR / Fire / Police etc. No need for knee pads (I don't bend down or kneel) ;)

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The 5.11 tactical clothing range seem to be good quality and last.  Not heard anything bad, yet to purchase any for myself but they seem good and did have a look at a trade show once.

For me I want to know what they wash like, these always seem to shrink when I wash them so need to know how they do wash.  The range I looked at where an anti-rip type material, each was a little square so you could only ever damage a very small area.

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Are you allowed to wear non service issue clothing, particularly under PPE? Some consider this as the first layer of PPE so it has to be service issue. How widely this is enforced is debatable particularly for RDS who will turn up in whatever they're wearing at the time.

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4 hours ago, Keith said:

Some consider this as the first layer of PPE 

In that case the first layer of my PPE is £4 trousers and T-shirts made of tissue paper. I'd wear 5.11 any day of the week over the office trousers we're issued.

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2 minutes ago, Becile said:

trialled it loved them...unfortunately money became an issue

Money?? In the richest county in Britain??

Just increase the Council tax on the St. George's estate by 10p and bingo

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Carlos, 5.11‘s get my vote too.  Us and usar are issued them and they are spot on.  Wear and wash fine, fit really well and durable.  They’re so good in fact I’ve got a fair few pairs still in the wrapper as I haven’t worn out the previous issues. 

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Ive just ordered a pair of 5.11s as it appears an overwhelming majority use them. Hope they are decent, there were that many styles. ?

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Captainflack, how I wish it were that easy, more and more cuts for us, even when we come in on or under budget requirements, every spend has to approved by county, we're way down their Christmas list ?

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Not sure, but iirc if sign up for emails first with nightgear you may get a discount to use on first order, used it to buy fleece pile jacket for mutt walking, no choice of trousers for us uniform is just that

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Tactree are very good for 5.11 and usually run a seasonal sale.

My Usar team issues 5.11 tdu’s and they really are superb. I believe the negotiated buying power of our service gets them at a very reasonable price compared to the clingy nylon permanent crease rubbish worn by fireys. 

Apparently theyre elitist though and so we’ll probably end up forced to wear the nylon clingys soon 

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