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How often do you find yourselves getting called out to make entry to a premises to assist the ambulance (or even police?). It seems to happen here quite frequently I've noitced.

And just today a new memorandum between us and SecAmb has been issued encouraging us to be mobilized to gain access over the Police, who usually would carry this out (albeit more due to habit/tradition than anything else)

Personally given the Police being stretched, and seeing as we have the kit and the wherewithal,  I think it is quite sensible we should be first port of call for doing this.

(This is aside from "nan downs" attending those who may have had a fall but are not in need of immediate/ extensive medical care, or difficult extrications involving MIBS etc., though appreciate these sorts of incidents often blur together)

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In some parts of West Mids, some of the police are trained to make entry in a similar fashion to locksmiths, the reasoning that they could gain entry and then secure the premises whereas we would just force entry and then have to wait for boarding up etc. That training for fire crews has been mentioned but im yet to see anything

A fair few times ive been called out to assist ambulance/police which is usually when the patient/person is uncooperative or doesnt want anyone in their house. Once the ambos explain the damage the fire service will do to the door they often relent and let the paramedics in, ive only made it to one of these out of the dozen or so ive been called out to

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It's rare for us (and the police call us).  However, in our area legislation wise it often comes down to "right of entry" and generally the fire service has it without warrant for emergencies or perceived emergencies; whereas the police have a more complicated relationship with entry; surrounding privacy and "illegal search an seizure" laws.  We have occasionally had to figure out creative ways to get the police into a structure "legally" so they could discover some goings on and what not, without compromising their position and relationship with the "illegal search an seizure" laws.

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We're getting a few where police on scene have struggled to get in with enforcers, called us out and we pop it fairly quickly. We're trying to get local BiB & Paramedics to request us early doors, more since local plod informed us only one in four pandas carry an enforcer and they need TSG/area van for their hydraulic door entry kit, they seemed somewhat surprised to learn every LFB PL carries the lot....

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So down in the South West we do the gaining entry for SWAST and it’s definitely ticking over.

95% of the time the ambulance are in attendance but there is the odd one were we’re there first, and it’s directed by control (via the ambulance control) if we go ahead and get in to start first aid etc. 

We use the police boarding up contract and they attend within the hour if we can’t leave the scene secure. After the hour it’s not our responsibility and the police have to take over. 

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Lots of gain entry in Humberside, they did some work with some of the social housing providers with new methods of entry earlier in the year without caving the door in.  Some nights/early mornings every other job is gain entry for ambulance, even as simple as knocking on door and the occupier answering yet wouldn't reply to ambulance is a popular one, had a spell of jobs like that.

3 listed for early hours of morning and one last night to assist police gain entry but occupier returned home just in the nick of time!

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We've been gaining entry for police and secamb for some time now, it makes sense.Oscar...Maybe the GM that came to you from us about a year ago was involved in that project here! ?Surprised it took that long to be honest.

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