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RDS Mod A - What to Wear?


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I am just about to start my mod A, for HFRS. The course details are pretty vague as they haven’t loaded onto moodle, I have been told to turn up in civies on the first day but this seem odd as I have full uniform?

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I had to turn up in civvies for every single day of my wholetime training. The argument being, you're not a trained FF yet and if you're seen in public in that uniform (car crash on the way home etc) the public will see a firefighter and expect as much.

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Doesn't seem odd to me, you're not a firefighter yet, wearing the uniform comes with a few responsibilities, you may be asked to help with something en-route you wouldn't have the first clue to resolve. Wear the uniform when your confident of your abilities, not before.

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In Hants, they will have been doing online learning and attending drills in uniform (I'm not stating that it makes your qualified for any duties). You then attend your MOD A and it was turn up in uniform. That's the only reason I mention it's odd as they've been doing it that way for some time.

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