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Timescales of Trainee FF and Becoming Competent

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Just looking at the LFB pay-scales in relation to training and development


It lists a trainee wage as £26,433, with a development wage of £27,492. 

Presumably the trainee wage is just during the initial weeks prior to being assigned a station or is it during the entire probation period? 

I also notice the next stage up it says a competent firefighter is at £35,271. How long are you in dev before reaching this stage? Is there a fixed time or is it entirely dependent on how quick or slow you develop in terms of completing the necessary?


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Can't answer fully for LFB but I imagine it's the same across the board. Trainee wage is only while you're at training school. As soon as you finish and go to station you move to development wage. It then took me about 18 months to be assessed as competent and paid as such. This can take a little longer based on your own speed of work, the availability of your assessor etc.  (I imagine the trainee/development will be the same in London but length of development period may differ?)

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Trainee is usually the weeks at training school, development when you are in your probation, which is dependent on you getting all your modules signed off (this includes efad for LFB usually takes about 18 months to two years I'm told) . Competent pay after that.

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It is different. In GMFRS, you would be in development for a minimum of 2 years before you have completed your trainee workbook and had your final assessment. Once this has been completed, you will be on competent pay. Trainees in GMFRS have up to 3 years to complete their workbooks.

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