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Presentations For Probationers


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Hello all, im coming up to 9 months on station now, i started off giving presentations on nights regarding equipment/incidents of note but now find myself running out of material. Could anyone point me in the direction of any interesting case studies for discussion or just material for my own personal study?

Ive got the ones such as Gillender St and Balmoral Bar ( and read reports on Harrow Court, Marlie Farm, Shirley towers and Atherstone ) but im failing to find any other information on lesser known ones such as Colville Road, Telstar House and the Staple Hill supermarket. Also i can barely find anything bar the news reports on Bethnal Green. Thought i would ask on here before i start approaching services direct. Much appreciated


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Obviously, US and NA centric www.firefighterclosecalls.com may give you some additional study or presentation material...

I have also used the firefighterclosecalls.com weekly drills as the basis of "Five Minute Training" sessions; for topics that don't get covered often, in depth, or at all but do stand up for semi-regular reminders and don't need a longer session.  These can be assigned to anyone but often the junior less experienced members are called upon to lead the presentation/discussion/session... 

CLFR Five Minute Training.Q1.N00.Training Note List.pdf

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I really like that concept. Sometimes a five minute refresh is all that needed. 

I'll have a look at some when I get in. I know we have had a few timber framed building jobs that were a bit unorthodox that we've got case studies on. That and the increase of home grown cannabis set ups and then hazards they pose.

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Ask one of your FI‘s to come down and go throw some case studies ?

If you’d rather do it yourself then sign up to cfitrainer.net (for free) and use the resources on there.  The module about the station night club fire is good, as is the module on how first responders impact the scene pertaining to fire investigation. 

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Thanks Noddy, its on the cards regarding my development for a FI to come down and do a talk at some point, need to chat to my WC to arrange a date, ive had one from Leigh so i know its very advantageous to di

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