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AR2 Animal Rescue


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Anybody else completed this course with their FRS? All of our WDS and RDS FF are AR1 with the FF based at the station with our Rescue Tender also being AR2. There are also a small number of AR3 to assist with ongoing training and tricky incidents. I spent 2 days this tour at a local farming university on an animal handling course, herding cows (dairy and beef), sheep, pigs and horses. Great getting an insight and some practical skills on moving animals and how they behave in certain situations. Most interesting part was moving 3x bulls around a yard armed only with a short length of blue hose......

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I'm AR2 as is Becile (I think?) I used to really enjoy the jobs when I was on Station but the equipment cleaning afterwards was days of a job that I don't miss. The ARU was/is a busy special too with between 150-200 shouts a year nearly all horse related. Part of our training was Animal Awareness at a local agricultural college where we did the same as you, I used to love it. 

We have some very passionate and highly skilled AR3's now at the Station who roll out the training for the County AR1's & 2's and have made their niche a highly effective speciality with Safety as its prime concern.

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Ha yes the cleaning. And the smell. We get a number of jobs with large animals (usually cows) trapped in slurry pits, the smell is round the station for days. It's an enjoyable part of the job, though not one I'd even considered before joining. 

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