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If you are reading this section, you are either looking for inspiration or you have actually made it through to your training course. If its the latter, congratulations, you deserve it, we hope our site and forum assisted you.

With the above in mind, we, along with those looking for the inspiration, would really appreciate it if you could put a few paragraphs together about the journey you have taken, complete with the amount of attempts at each stage you undertook, the struggles you have encountered at each stage, if any. Tell us what you find difficult, what was easy and what helped you finally achieve your goal. By posting more details rather than a single sentence, it would really help those who are at their wits end with the process.

Please remember that this section allows members to post their success and that they should be congratulated for doing so. Please refrain from asking them about any particular part of the process and stick to the congratulations messages, I am sure they would appreciate it not ruining their moment of glory. 

Any posts made outside of the "congratulations and well done" messages will be deleted. Any questions pertaining to the recruitment process should be made with the recruitment sections.

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As a reminder to all members of the forum, this section is dedicated solely for member to post their success and for others to congratulate them on their achievements. There are many other sections dedicated to the process of getting in the service and these should be used accordingly.

It is suggested that any new members of the forum read the Forum Guidelines and FAQ Section at the top of the forum prior to making any posts.  

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