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Pavement Parking


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This article has just popped up on BBC News.

Streets are already busy and appliances are only just able to fit through some areas with cars parking 1/2 on and off the road, changing this will only generate more vehicles on road and more than likely less space to pass in places.  I know of quite a few areas around here you cannot get a pump down and there is no where else to park.

Could be an interesting one.

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What's the law / procedure for FRS in the UK if the road is blocked for an appliance, but they have to get down it and have no other alternative? I've seen plenty of U.S. fire engines ramming parked cars out of the way, but never in the UK. Is that because we're not allowed, or because we just have a bit more restraint?

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It’s enshrined in the FRA act, we can move and break into vehicles in an emergency. I wouldn’t ram a car for two reasons; if someone is in it, you’re in the brown stuff. But also if you squeeze an appliance down a tight gap of parked cars you are more likely to get the appliance stuck and no one can get out rendering you utterly useless. It’s just a fact of life in this country. Our roads are just slowly turning into car parks. I don’t know of many other countries that allow their roads to be blocked. 

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You can get out and ‘bump’ a parked car out of the way which involves the firefighters manually moving the car by effectively bouncing it sideways. I can’t see this working with a whole street though ?

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I was always very reluctant to do this when I was in charge, unless the job absolutely required it (and never ever just to clear a road after a RTC)

Bouncing cars involves an uncontrolled lift (and drop)exceeding 25kg per person. If the lift is uncoordinated (which is likely in a flap), that one person is the one who is last to let go, s/he could get 100kg+ springing down onto their arms, legs and backs with the potential of career threading injuries .

My view is that it is a last resort measure and not a method to be used as a business as usual procedure

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Ive had a few where I couldn't get through. I have simply had to be patient and get them shifted which is a great test of nerve as an OIC, especially when under pressure. Falining the shifting of the cars, you have to think on your feet and overcome the situation by one means or another. 

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Tried to bounce a car out the road previously and all we done was turn it 180°. Opted for hand axe through drivers door window then let the handbrake off and rolled it out of our way!  Left a nice note detailing they were parked illegally and under Fire (Scotland) Act we shifted it to gain access.

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