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UKRO e-learning

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Dear all,

We've just been sent this link at work  to some free UKRO eLearning, free until june you just need to supply a valid email address...work (frs)

We as a service are evaluating whether to.purchase the units.

I am  promoting to our subscribing members  or even mentioning to your own brigades

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The advances of the WRO/UKRO/ARRO and others advocating patient centred extrication over the years is extraordinary.  An challenge approach to teaching extrication; is what we locally have been doing for many many years.  This UKRO e-learning is a very well developed and polished version of the theory components (however it does seem expensive).

Ultimately, the performance of most of the UK teams I have had the pleasure to watch, compete against, and assess over the years is outstanding mainly due to this approach.

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Did anyone sign up to this when it was free. Is it worth the money? My training course is coming up. Would it be worth watching these first?

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