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Can We Rely on Fire Standards


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More interesting insight into the wonderful world of fire safety

A claim that the British Standard used for post Grenfell testing may be ok in laboratory settings, but not so reliable in real world applications.

Sadly I believe this the case for many standards relied upon by the fire safety world- for example fire doors and timber framed buildings.

The LFB had a project many years ago called Real Fire Research. FI officers would take measurements at fire scenes to check the performance of the fire was inline with scientific assumptions used by BSI and others when writing those standards 

Sadly the LFB project was woefully under resourced esp in terms of training. Seems to me that a huge project is now required for scientists to follow fire crews and conduct similar research

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Building material fire tests 'fail to properly assess risk'

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It certainly doesn't read well in this day and age Messy.

I always like that constant phrase we often hear "Lessons Learned". I have recently read the "Review of Persistent Lessons Identified Relating to Interoperability from Emergencies and Major Incidents since 1986" by Kevin Pollock which describes how we never actually seem to learn. Very similar. ☹️

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It’s always after the horse has bolted and I have this horrible feeling that this will still be the case post the Grenfall Tower tradegy.

I actually think that our politicians do take notice after horrible tradegies like Grenfall, but somehow there just never seems to be enough money in the coffers to put things right.

I could easily go off on one on this subject, but I will leave it there.

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