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So I've been given the all clear from my medical, and a start date in June!

The process started off with verbal, mechanical and numerical reasoning tests, and then situational judgement, behavioural styles and something else I can't recall. The top 60 from these tests were invited to the physicals at Fire Service College.

Physicals at Fire Service College were as you would expect. BA crawl, ladder climb, bleep test to 8.8, gym tests for strength, equipment carry, equipment assembly, I think that's about it. Approximately 48-50 made it through out of the 60 I believe.

Stage 1 interview was verification tests for your online results, to make sure you didn't get someone else to do it for you. After this, they conducted "speed interviews", 5 tables with 2 members of staff. 2 PQA questions per table. 5 minutes per table. On this day, the top 30 were selected to go to stage 2.

Stage 2 interviews consisted of being asked to deliver a presentation on a hobby or interest outside of the fire service, for between 4-6 minutes. After this, a second interview was conducted with a whole range of questions that you couldn't really predict. The top 14 from the stage 2 interviews were offered conditional places as Wholetime Firefighters.

Last few stages are references, DBS, medical and uniform fitting. I have recently been told I've passed my medical, and therefore am ready to share the news with everyone here! Really excited :) Oxfordshire is such a beautiful county, it must be amazing to work in.

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