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Pre-Training Learning Material


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Good morning ladies and gents, 

I'm on the June 18th LFB course and so I've been online trying to find something that could give me a headstart on learning.

Is anyone aware of any material (be it video, books, etc) that's available so I can get started now please? 

I know we do pre-learning about a month before the course starts but I'm actually abroad for the whole of that period for my wedding and honeymoon. I am committed to completing it but I'm literally away from 18th May to 16th June so any pre-pre-learning would be helpful :-)

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome along Calum and well done on your start date. :)

From experience, people will tell you not to read up on stuff, other will tell you this and that would be good. I would say relax and await your start date and all the learning will be delivered to you as LFB want to teach it. 

Should you choose to ever become a subscribing member to the forum, we have the whole suite of Fire Service Manuals within our downloads section which may be of some use to you going forward ;)

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Congrats pal. Best job in the world. 

The only pre-learning I would suggest get the basic knots you'll need to know and start tying them. If they're muscle memory before you start your first few weeks will be (ever so slightly!) easier.



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There is a very good app called knots3D which gives you step by step animated tutorials of hundreds of knots.  You will get taught everything you need to know about knots and lines when the course starts so don’t sweat it too much, but I’ve listed the ones to at least get familiar with until you are taught properly.

The main ones to take notice of are-

  • Bowline
  • Running bowline
  • Round turn and two half hitches
  • Rolling hitch
  • Clove hitch
  • Fisherman knot
  • Figure of eight

There are many more but the above are generally the ones taught.

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That's a great insight, cheers. 

I don't know if I'm using this forum right in terms of replying to people, etc but I'm getting use to it slowly! 


2 hours ago, Cardiff_Fire said:

Congrats pal. Best job in the world. 

The only pre-learning I would suggest get the basic knots you'll need to know and start tying them. If they're muscle memory before you start your first few weeks will be (ever so slightly!) easier.

Just seen this too. Appreciated ??

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If you are replying to a post, there is no need to quote the previous post if you are carrying on the conversation, it makes it far harder to read. 

We suggest all new members have a look at the FAQ Section at the top and digest them as it makes using the forum easier. Some members choose not to, needless to say, being able to follow instructions may be useful if attempting to join the fire and rescue service ;)

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I am also looking for training materials before I start the training course. I've been dyslexic all my life and the way I've always prevented that from becoming a problem is by doing as much work as possible before hand. Putting in the hours by studying at home. That way if I'm slower in the classroom it doesn't show. Saying that I'm having great difficulty finding training materials. I've learned the knots and read the bits and pieces on this forum but I could do with a lot more to feel confident about the classroom stuff.

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I’m certain they (LFB and Babcock) will take your dyslexia in to account during training so don’t sweat it. Unless you haven’t told them in which case you should probably let them know. 

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Its not LFB or Babcock. It's one of the frs up north. 

yeah they definitely know about it. I was awarded extra time on my online maths and English. I just didn't know if it would effect training. 

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Hi Kenbay2, 

I'm currently in training now with LFB as a trainee firefighter. 

Personally I struggle academically but tend not to have an issue with practicals. I'm not officially dyslexic but I had extra assistance (at times) in school, and online tests suggest I may be dyslexic. I shared you worries prior to training, however now that I'm in training (end of week 3) I can say that the support has been fantastic and i don't believe you have anything to worry about.

The training is tough and everyone has their weaknesses and strengths and I'm sure you'll find that there are some parts of the training that is easy for you that others struggle with. Swings and roundabouts shouts but you'll get great support from the trainer's and you should also get the support from your team. 

If you're really worried then contact someone and have a chat before training, but personally I'd say you don't need to worry. The training method is tested and it does worth. Have faith with it, work hard on it and commit to it and I'm sure you'll be fine. 

I didn't find any pre-training material and I looked incredibly hard for it. Don't waste your time doing that, just have a little faith in what's to come.

All the best.

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I just wanted to post a little update incase anyone is following this topic looking for pre training materials.

I have found some books on Fpos basic first aid/ first responder ambulance from St John's ambulance service to be really useful. I haven't started my FF training yet but when I do I feel more comfortable with the casualtie care part of it. Especially since I had no first aid training before. 

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