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Firemans Axe

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Firemans axe on eBay is it worth the money £1000.00.

I ask the question because it is my axe and pouch on sale.

 I am not fussed about the money, just that my family seems to place no value on it.

eBay no 183130233580

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Got to say that seems a bit steep without further provenance!

For perspective I nearly bought two ww2 vintage ceiling hooks that had been used in London during the blitz which where 64 quid each. Handsome things would have looked on my brick wall but couldn't get them home on my push bike

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With respect to provenance, have you read all of the script on eBay, its main selling point is its provenance.. I don't think you can get a better provenance than detailing this whole of an axe's fire service history recorded on paper 

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