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When Did We Become Firefighters

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We were talking about this around the mess table the other week, as our first female firefighter retired. Coincidentally when she joined in 1991 that's when everyone in NI became firefighters, As there had been female firefighters elsewhere in the UK since 1982 and also years earlier in the AFS, question is when did we officially become firefighters?

It may not necessarily have been in 1982 as although its not scientific, I remember in the early series of London's Burning, which were loosely based on fact, it was still "fireman" and "firewoman".

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I am guessing it will vary by service.  Ours must have been after 1984 as my longest serving crew member is still titled Fireman on his locker name plate and he joined late 84.  I have a feeling it will have been early 90s for us too but I could be wrong.

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