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Thinking Outside the Box Drills


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I've had search on here trying to find ideas for drills that will help develop my skills and knowledge and also inject some enthusiasm into what can sometimes be a stale run of the mill 2 up, 2 down persons reported....

I read somewhere on the old forum of a "salvage drill" simulating a burst water tank in a high rise. The drill was to split into teams and using a limited amount of equipment drain the tank in the quickest time. 

My question is have you done any past drills that you've thought "that was different" and learnt something new. 

Thanks in advance.

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One drill I have done on station was to fill a dam with x ltrs/min using one pump and ask another pump or crew using an Ejector Pump or LPP to remove water from the filling dam at the same rate, eg. keeping the level constant. It has no practical application other than a bit of good pump operating using different pieces of kit. 

Im sure I will post others as I remember them ;)

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Hi all,

I am currently undertaking a spell of temporary CM at a busy 2 pump/ALP station and was looking for some ideas for interesting drills? We have a brand new probationer so any kind of drills considered!

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Both hose reels off and open at 20-25bar. Get a dam built, filled and then pump set in to it before tank is drained.

During ba, have one member go down and see how long takes other to notice. Drill as if rapid deployment, so no further help coming and have them decide on how to resolve it. Good practice of second person take off and getting them out on your own.

Check with the probationer and tailor to what they feel they need help with.

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Covertly knocking the hydrant off during an intense pumping drill is a favourite of mine, depends on your drill ground really but just position the trucks so the hydrant is out of sight of pump operator, you should get to see some genuine problem solving or not either way it’s entertaining. 

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