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Thermal Image vs Thermal Scanners

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Not sure about other services but I have the luxury of having an Argus 320 Mi Thermal Scanner up front for use as the OiC whilst the BA Teams each have a Thermal Image Camera. I use the scanner on a daily basis to assist in identifying the hot spots or fire location within a house or other premise quickly from outside before committing teams. A simple scan can give some indication and also temperature is displayed on the scanner. Granted this is not a true temperature, but it shows the differences and with experience comes the ability to identify if things aren't looking good. 

Of course my BA Teams have their own camera which is little different to how mine works, and is obviously used to locate casualties as well as identify temperates. 

How do the crews in your service use TICs and are they used as regular as they should be? Please discuss rather than reply with a simply yes ;) 

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Carl. Have you got a link for the scanner you use?

I regularly work in premises which have large data halls protected by VESDA smoke detection. The system may and will operate very early when a single component overheats but remains working, which creates problems when searching for the origin of any AFD activation

We currently use small hand held TICs which are not that good and are approaching the end of their life.

I will be looking to replace them when I visit Firex exhibition in London during May and wondered if your scanner might be a contender???

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Yes Carl, we are all over TIC. Ive never heard it called a scanner, we use TIC to do external scans at all calls to building fires, including AFA's. Then the crews being committed have their own TIC (the newer one !) to use inside.

The TIC you've linked, i love. I used those ones back in the day working as a BAI. loved them. Screen is a little small by todays standards but you can just clip it onto your tunic or set on a retractable line and you'd never know you were carrying it, its so lightweight.

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TICs are well used by BA but I'm not sure many IC's do what you do Carl, I know I didn't and now wish I had! Good use of it :)

As an aside and from my FI perspective however, we see an over reliance on the TIC when it comes to checking for hot spots post-fire.  A TIC is useless if you are hoping to find hidden burning in voids, above ceiling roses etc.. and has been the undoing of some officers faced with a recall/re ignition. 

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8 hours ago, Messyshaw said:

Carl. Have you got a link for the scanner you use?

Whoops! I was on a bouncy coach this morning using my phone so missed the link

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Good call Noddy, dead right on post fire, the use of tics can supplement but not replace cutting away/exposure. they're handy to confirm that the spot you've been cooling is cooling, but beyond that...


Back on track, Carl, ours go in with every BA team ideally, dependant on availability/OTR..

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The BA team leaders carry the TIC while I have a scanner. Im sure most members will know what one looks like, but whilst I was browsing some of GMFRS Flickr images, I came across this image which gives those with no idea, some idea ;) 

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