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Salisbury Incident


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Public Health England are reassuring residents of Salisbury that they have nothing to worry about following the ex spy attack. That's good news

But on the day 180 specialist military personnel were drafted in, and almost a week on from the oriinal incident, the fire service are shown working in a cemetery in full chemical protection suits. Fire service personnel are clearly acting as BA entry control, so there's no doubt that it is FRS staff suited up

So why are the fire service still engaged in this incident if there is no public health aspect? If it' s an investigator protection situation and counter terrorism command from Scotland Yard have taken over, why are they not leading the PPE and safety aspect? They have all sorts of resources at their disposal.

Well done to all those FRS staff involved.  This must have been a huge undertaking for such a small FRS.

I am sure that (some of) the truth will come out eventually, but it' s a curious FRS response to an incident where there is no heath concerns

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There is a new agreement a national level around the increased use of our DIM equipment and officers, which will see us involved way more at incidents in which previously we may not have done.

We do have equipment to test for some of the potential nerve agents that are being mentioned, but I for one would still be nervous in that environment.

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Thanks Becile. Interesting stuff

With 180 specialist CBRN military on site - all fresh from a 2 week exercise (EXERCISE POISON DAGGER) in February- the biggest MoD/DST exercise of its kind ever held - it does seem curious the local FRS were engaged in the cemetery operation

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