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IFE Cert, L3 Fire Safety and Management Papers

Sam Tan

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I'm taking both of these papers on Friday, have had my head in the books as much as I can. Does anybody have any insight into what level of knowledge is needed or tips that could help me in my final preparations. It's the first time I'm trying these although I have recently passed the supervisory technical papers in the all Wales process. 

Any advice good or bad appreciated

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I think it went ok, hope I've put my answers in the correct format etc. Onwards and upwards for the October papers now. Will probably just do the ops one so I can concentrate my revision, seems to be the paper services require to get on a CM transfer. 

If you've heard any rumblings on the grapevine for GMFRS then please Pm me.

Cheers Carl. 

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Thanks Carl. Of course when reading past papers, like perhaps we all do,  I was trying to assess how well I would have done. Its not an exact science, but I know I would have struggled in some areas. Some of the examiner comments made me smile, particularly the ones where the candidate hasn't got a clue and has seemingly  made a wild stab in the dark. This was my favourite - :) 


Total Flooding System: Few candidates demonstrated understanding of this type of system. Candidates should be aware that these systems operate when the media (eg CO2, nitrogen, inert gas) is discharged into an enclosed space in a sufficient quantity to produce a concentration able toextinguish a fire throughout that space. Many candidates assumed that “flooding” referred to waterand therefore described a system where compartments were flooded with water. Failure to understand this type of system meant that candidates were unable to attain the marks available for describing suitable precautions  candidates who assumed that flooding referred to water provided many inappropriate examples of precautions.

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