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I'm looking for a new challenge and am considering a PGCert (possibly building to an MSc - or MEng) in some kind of fire subject. I was looking at the Leeds Fire & Explosive Engineering course but it seems it's final intake was September 2017! Gutted!

Several seem to do fire investigation but I wonder if this makes me too specialised, feel I might be better served by a more generic course.

I'm up in the North of England but am willing to travel. 

Anyone got any experience or knowledge?

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How about fire safety engineering. The subject is varied and well paid. There are far more opportunities for fire safety engineers than investigators.

Fire safety engineering allows building to be altered and designed that could not be built using convential codes

The University of Central Lancaster run a MSC and other courses.

Might be worth investigating 

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Cheers Messy, I'll have a detailed look. I think part of the problem is I'm not sure what I want exactly.

I want to improve my knowledge of fire dynamics and also the fire safety stuff would be interesting. And Uclan is THE university to be involved with in respect of the fire service...

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I’ve got an MSc in fire investigation and it’s opened up many opportunities outside the fire service, plus you can apply it everytime you turn out. 

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Hi Noddy

What opportunities (if you don't mind me asking)?

I really fancy increasing my fire dynamics knowledge with an investigation MSc but am worried about being 'labelled' as a fire investigator when it's not a role I undertake.

I have a vague memory that you teach on that course too - do they offer a PGCert?

Are you down for Market's week this year? I'm determined to buy you a pint and missed you last time!

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I am at markers week yes mate, from Sunday PM until probably the Wednesday..... no need to buy me a pint.... the IFE pay ? 

Since completing my MSc I’ve taught on the FI course at moreton, I’ve taught on the MSc course at Wolverhampton University and I’ve recently picked up some work teaching overseas.  Away from training I also do a bit of consultancy work mainly for insurance companies and solicitors.  This all led to me setting up my own ltd company.  It’s all declared with my brigade and the tax man but with a full time job already, I can’t do all of those things all of the time.  As I enjoy teaching as much I do the ‘doing’, I’ll keep doing both as long as I’m able.  We can chat more at markers week mate. 

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Sounds like a plan!

I'm down on the Sunday too - I'll catch you then (I'm looking to put in for funding from the brigade before then so might send you a PM to pick your brains).

I'm not sure I'd get any external FI work (not doing the job in the brigade). I've sent some emails in to UCLAN - am looking at the fire engineering too.

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Don’t undersell the skills you have mate.  You’re an operational firefighter and have been at the sharp end of more fires than most FI’s in the private sector, the majority of whom have never been in the fire service.  

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Really interested in this thread as looking at what other routes for self development there are. Looking to retake the level 4 IFE but thinking outside of that as fancy something a bit more challenging? I am a tier 2 investigator having been taught by @Noddy so there’s an option. Are UCLAN still the main provider in the UK? 

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