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Im interested to know what you FRS does in relation to going from a WM to a SM?

In GMFRS you have to have been a Competent WM for a minimum of 12 months and have your IFE Certificate Level 4 (Members) Ops and Incident Command Paper. You also have to have over 80% MOS all signed up and a PPR that describes you as an excellent performer by your current SM. We also have to have at least 2 MCRs. MCRs are competence records which are completed by our Ops Assurance or Flexi Officers that attend jobs in an assurance capacity and provide you with an electronic report into how well you did on the incident. Taking the above into account gives you the ability to apply. o.O

Once you apply, you go through the application process and provide all the required evidence. If successful you are then invited down for an Incident Command Assessment and then if you pass, you will get invited to an interview. Of course, you can fail or pass with development. You then go into a development pool and pick up SM(D) (Non Flexi). You then have to work on your development whatever it may be and after 6 months go through a validation process whereby you give a presentation to senior officers on what you have done to address your development. If successful you go into a talent pool and pick up a SM role, usually were you were if its a vacancy. You then have to wait, sometimes 18 months - 24 months before going on the FDS Rota.

Just as a side note, we do not do WMA or SMA in GMFRS, all our roles are, WMB and SMB and so on. 

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That is a PROPER process and the right way around. Not like the comedy process we have in LFB.

Don't get me wrong, I love LFB, I firmly believe we do the majority of things very well, especially operationally due to the sheer size and population of the risk area. We are frequently busy with station after station after sttaion in the middle and inner areas running around and picking up decent work.

But for coming on 20 years now our promotion processes have been very poor. And as more people give up through exasperation they are getting worse with only a handful of decent people getting through and plenty of trech dodgers and rub-outs making the grade. Thankfully little pockets of good practice still exist and I'm thankful that a few people who have been through some of the local 'academies' (maybe one or two on here) have done well.

Im proud to say two young SM's promoted in the past couple of years who have worked under me (I'm not taking any credit for their development by the way) will I am sure go on to be very senior within LFB and will hopefully keep their sense of priority. We have put them through it and pushed their boundaries to ensure they are compenent and even next two older and more 'experienced' colleagues they stand out. 

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In Herts, there is a similar robust process to GMFRS.

The first hurdle is a PQA application form that is scrutinised by AC Ops. This is the killing fields! if you are in the naughty boys book or you haven't completed day work or you haven't completed at least 10-15 years Service you are pinged at this stage! (Of course none of what I have said is written down!!!)

You then have to sit 3 Technical examinations, which are very difficult......and a minimum of 70% Ops paper or you are out at this stage.

You then have to prepare a presentation to deliver to 2 GC's, This years subject was " what can you see the challenges & opportunities for the new inspection programme (HMICFRS)

An operational assessment & A role play (Managerial- performance management scenario)

Should you pass all of this you are invited to an interview with the ACO & AC Ops......

I've always thought we (all FRS) lost our way after losing the statutory exams!!

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As a reasonably new London SM (have been in role since October 2016), our promotion and development processes just do not make sense to me. I've been incredibly fortunate to serve in some of the busiest boroughs in London, which has brought with it exposure to incidents and other issues that you don't find anywhere else. Also, I've served alongside and under some fantastic officers, both around station and operationally, who took a keen interest in my development, and provided the support and guidance that the organisation as a whole does not. I can safely say without the support of Steve and others in Hackney and Islington I wouldn't have been able to function as an SM.

It seems that we lack both a consistent guide of what's expected of Officers at each rank, and also any kind of structured programme to take people who have potential and teach them the next level up. As a result, it hinges on the calibre of your line management chain as to the support and development you get.

I'd be all for a process similar to the GMFRS one above - I don't think we ask enough of people before we promote them. I'd definitely go for IFE exams as a requirement.  I do feel that having something like that separates the wheat from the chaff - if they won't put themselves out to access a promotion round, why would they go above and beyond when they're in role?  Plus then you know everyone has the same base knowledge when they're appointed.

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Couldn’t agree more mate re the IFE exam requirement.  One of the worst decisions I’ve seen in my 20 years was the abolishment of the fire service examinations.  I’m rightly proud of my LFF, Sub O and Stn O certificates although they simply constitute memorabilia now.

Good on those brigades that require IFE exams.....shame mine currently doesn’t either. 

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I have my Grads, but this was not enough in Herts to get a pass for the technical round. We challenged it and IFE sent our AC Ops a lovely encouraging letter but still no joy!

Grads as a minimum for SC in my opinion

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