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Having a Ball at the LFB Museum

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OK you LFB lot (others can join in if they know the answer) a question:

I found myself close to Lambeth today so popped in to the pop up Museum. Its a bit scruffy and not huge amounts there, but I quite enjoyed it and saw a fair bit of 'new' (to me) kit. This included the smart BA board and hose inflation kit. I am looking forward to seeing the new LFB Museum which is planned for nearby sometime in the future

The museum was empty - other than some noisy kids in a neighbouring room - so I couldn't ask to determine what a small 75 to 100mm diameter plant ball was for.

I have attached it here in the middle of this photo with F37 written on it in marker pen. I assume the red bag above is part of the same kit?

So what is it?



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Messy, they are part of the RTA equipment and are used if doors need removing.

Strong latching mechanisms that keep the doors closed in frontal collisions offer less give, and this equals more work for firefighters and hydraulic tools.  

The red balls are medium hard rubber and are placed under a car door handle which will give some relief to the door latch mechanism meaning that the door can be removed easier than if the latch was locked on.

They aren’t always needed but I’ve used them and they are effective.

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Many thanks. I didn't even realise there was a jammed door/door handle problem!

There again, RTCs were always my weakest area of competence by a country mile - In fact I hated them

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