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New Scottish Proposal Offer

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Anyone from SFRS seen the email issued today. Think it works out at 20% but still not full details of what's involved.

A 'small'reduction in frontline posts but no redundancies.

Hopefully the union will be in touch soon!


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Not strictly true... They knew all about it and told us at meetings but hadnt expected it to be released before they discussed it themselves and with the members.

The employers were a bit sneaky 

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Shite offer.  Take into account our pay freeze and what we ‘should‘ be being paid anyway for what we already did/do, then for the open cheque book nature of ‚additional responsibilities‘ then it surmounts to taking the piss.

And as an allowance, is it pensionable? 

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It certainly doesn’t make up for the shortfall over the past 15 years but I don’t reckon the English side will see anywhere near an offer that will bring us back inline to where we should be. I did treat myself to a pizza with my back pay of 1% this year. :)

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Being the sprog i could only afford half a pizza Carl. Interesting to see what happens north of the border considering not long ago we told them to poke 3%

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20% PAY RISE FOR FIREFIGHTERS says the headlines - Really??

Looks to me like 5% per annum over 4 years, which on the face of it, that's not a bad deal..... until you read:

Extra responsibilities (???) and 100s of job losses. Does that mean redundancies? Pump cuts? Station closures? Longer attendance times? Longer to wait for support? etc

Be suspicious as the truth always lurks somewhere behind the headlines. Councils aint got no cash - period. So when they come with a more than reasonable headline offer, and straight to the troops to avoid any meaningful FBU scrutiny and to divide and conquer, you have to smell a rat

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