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There seems to be (in my view) a rapid increase in cases of nesting.

Is this a nationwide thing or a Buckfast phenomenon?

Whilst not wanting to decry anyone's lifestyle choices, I can't help getting annoyed when ambulant persons will not leave their smoke filled home because they would rather nest in their hovels than escape to fresh air.

Hoarders, I think, are probably in the same category.

They are the people that will never accept any intrusion in their lives, yet complain the loudest when their arse catches fire and blame anybody and everybody because nobody warned them.


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The term 'nesting' is used to describe a person who lives and sleeps in a room, usually a living room, surrounded by all their immediate needs so they don't need to move. Bedding, cigarettes, ash tray, TV remote, sometimes food in various stages of decay, bottles of Buckfast, cider etc. On occasion, the empty bottles will be used to urinate in.

Clearly the people who live like this are vulnerable.

We come across them in situations when we are called due to smoke alarms etc sounding and when we turn up to their smoke filled rooms they are very reluctant to leave.

Despite getting other agencies involved and help being offered to them they refuse and carry on living in squalor.

I just wondered if this is an across the country problem or is this a local city issue.

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I had an idea what you were describing, but had never heard the terms used. Sadly, its not limited to yourselves, we have plenty of people in similar situations. I would say its a national thing and perhaps more so in the towns and cities where deprivation exists. 

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