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New Tactical Response Vehicle

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Just taken delivery of our new TRV which has replaced a traditional pump.  It's essentialy a LWB IVECO van with limited FRS equipment on it. I'm shocked as to how inadequate it is and we will be expected to turn out with min 2 personnel. How's other FRS managing with their new cost saving budget vehicles? 

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18 hours ago, Halligan said:

We’re getting two of these soon, though haven’t seen any in the flesh yet. You have any photos of yours? 

I have, but im not sure how to upload it on here. Sorry 

3 hours ago, Br9mp81 said:

I believe these types of vehicles have been an outstanding success in North Yorkshire!

I'm interested on how they deemed them a success? I honestly can't see any positives in it. I hope I'm proved wrong. 

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