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Maintenance of Skills


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Over the past 20 plus years we in GMFRS have had many a method of maintaining our skills. Yes, we go out on the yard and off site to other venues to carry out the usual ladder and BA Drills, but when it comes to the lecture type training, e.g. Acetylene to name just one, what and how do you do it?

We used to have a whole suite of PP Presentations which would be given and then signed up for each member to say they had received the input. The subject matter would be either a bi monthly, six monthly or yearly and that would be it.

We now have a system whereby the lecture pack is there but each firefighter has an assessment which automatically updates the records once passed. The input can either be given as a watch or each individual can undertake the input themselves by watching the PP and then carry out the online assessment.

There are obviously positives and negatives to this, but what system do you use and does it work?

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We have the online learnpro system which seems to be as you described. This is easy as everyone gets their 50 odd a year to do and it’s self rostered. They get an assessment and if they are about to expire in that module the JO's get an email to remind them. 

Sometimes we sit as a watch and go over this together. Discussing various bits of the lecture and bringing up any new stuff we have learnt since it was updated. 

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We currently have PP presentations for most SOP's however we are in the process of changing to a similar online interactive programme. Its looks a lot better and i personal find i don't learn great from PP's. I much prefer a more interactive medium. 

Im at the start of my WT career, and have found when doing IFCOAT's or presentations I've tried to maki it as interactive as possible.

I use an app where you can write your own quiz and it allows each FF or Team to use a phone to answer the questions and give you points/leader boards live.

It's fun and makes change to endless PP slides. 

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Ah sorry! I thought it was a fire service wide one. 

We use it to learn about pieces of equipment. Generally for probies "You!! I want an IFCOAT on the FB5X branch next tour"

  • I dentification 
  • F unction
  • C onstruction 
  • O peration 
  • A pplication 
  • T esting

Its a good acronym to follow and keeps structure and methodical order to your presentation. 

On 22/03/2018 at 09:20, Lcbmo said:


What is the app that you use.


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