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Hi all,

I am trying to build up a contact list for Incident Command teams at other FRS's so I don't have to keep trawling the internet and making numerous phone calls to establish a point of contact. Can anyone help with the most effective way of identifying a contact list other than sending out a FINDS message ? We are just about to purchase XVR and I need as much help and support as I can get as we are currently a team of 2 so limited with resources. I don't want to enter into unnecessary pitfalls if it can be helped. If anyone can point me in the right direction or offer a point of contact it would be gratefully received.


07864 946698

All the best


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Do you not have FINDS or a similar tools any more?

This was a system where you placed a message or enquiry and all F&RS saw it and could respond. We used it a lot in Fire Investigation

This Incident command enquiry seems the sort of thing FINDS was invented for 

In fact, I have just Googled FINDS to find it has been replaced by a CFOA tool

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@Bob, Im sure you have GMFRS contacts already but just as a side note. We can't be held responsible for any contact details that are posted in text on the forum. Therefore if anyone posts any details of FRS Personnel, can I suggest that firstly they know about it and are happy with it,  and secondly that they realise the consequences of posting such.

I have no objection, but have to make sure that the complications of such are realised. ;)

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