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Into the Fire


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We were allowed to watch a sneak preview few minutes at a body worn camera event that West mids were presenting  at a while back (female WC I seem to remember although her name escapes me) I'm sure theyll be some "editing" to ensure viewer numbers.  I wonder who was in control of content..west mids or tv company. I look forward to the un adulterated truth (hears someone quoting, "you can't handle the truth") ?

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Watched the first episode online. Enjoyed the fact the helmet cameras got the viewer a little closer to the action than on previous shows. 

Seems what we would consider pretty run of the mill jobs are hammed up slightly by the production to come across a little more "life & death" 

Really good first episode.

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2 hours ago, Becile said:

  I wonder who was in control of content..west mids or tv company. 

I doubt very much that any TV company or film maker would give up full editorial control.

One reason my watch and I refused to get involved with a fly on the wall planned at my station many years ago.

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Well you'd both be wrong... partly at least.  We in FIT were deeply worried about the footage we could potentially capture and were assured that both sides would have to agree its use.  I cannot speak for the others involved however. 

I haven't seen it but have heard about some cringing moments.  I'll restrain from commenting until I have seen it. 

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I am amazed that any journalist worth his/her salt would agree to joint editorial control.for any documentary, so I doubt this is the case here. Liaison with the F&RS of course - but not shared editorial control.

Of course in respect to FIT work, there would need to be care exercised in showing anything that might prejudice any legal action. Certain allegations and claims picked up on film may need to be edited and perhaps in certain NILO circumstances, security sensitive info may have to be redacted.

But this is not the same as shared editorial control. This is commercial common sense as the tv production company will not want to end up in court if they screw up.

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I really enjoyed it and thought it was better than 'Inside LFB' in some areas. I was astounded that that young fella hadn't been to many house fires but had three yers in. I'd double take at that for a rural WT station, let alone one in a large Met FB. I guess I'm just from a different era and thats where my 'Firefighters' head is still stuck.

I look forward to the rest of the series, well done WMFRS.

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The TV crew filmed my recruits course, i believe everyone bar myself agreed to a face to face spot. Im led to believe there was mutual agreement on what could be shown ( my course isnt going to be shown until the alluded to series 2 ) so we’ll see what does make the final cut

Steve the young lad is at a station that had about 1000 jobs last year, however its located in a mixed area with a lates BRV and as i was living in the area until recently this year i wouldnt expect it to be massively busy compared to say Aston or Foleshill

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The series has finished now, what did you think?

Personally I enjoyed it as for the majority of the calls it was old style get stuck in firefighting, not sure how this will have gone down with the management though.

Only thing that let it down was some of the editing. There were a couple of cases where they had the fire well under control but the next minute it was going full steam again and for one of the RTA's the roof and doors had been removed and the crews were about to bring the casualty out on the spine board, next minute the voiceover said the casualty was critical and needed out now, but the roof and the door were still in place and the Oic was leaning in through the door speaking to the paramedic.:/

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I watched the first episode and haven’t yet seen the rest, I have them recorded so will crunch through them at some point.  I liked the look of the one I saw though.

Programmes like this are a huge recruiting tool,  not that it’s needed mind.  

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Suprised this hasn’t been brought back into light yet, the new series has started last week, anyone been watching it?

The RTC that the crew had to face last night looked extremely challenging, being impaled on a metal railing inside the car he was very lucky to survive, the work of the fire and ambulance crews was amazing to watch.

It was great to see that he took the time to visit the crew on station to pass on his thanks, even inviting those involved to his wedding.

It’s making the wait to hear back from my interview a little bit more bareable!

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