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IFE Level 2 Certificate in FS, Ops and Safety

Nick Sims

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Hi All,

I am looking at starting my revision for IFE level 2 now, ready for the October 2018 exam. I  have gone through the syllabus and looked at the reading list. Quite a few books are mentioned but was wondering if there is one definitive book that would carry everything I need? I may have the complete 'wrong end of the stick' and if this is the case, I am very sorry. Any help, advice, guidance or available mentoring would be greatly appreciated of how I should approach the subject.

Kindest Regards

Nick Sims 

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The book above is indeed essential. The chapter order pretty much follows the IFE Level 2 Syllabus. You will need to do some additional studying though, especially for the chemistry and hydraulics sections, but there are lots of resources online and also in the members section on this site. 

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Has anyone got a copy of the Elementary Fire Engineering Handbook (4th Edition) that they don't need anymore? If so, would be happy to take it off their hands.

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Just to let everyone know that I have been advised to go for my level 3, unit 6, Fire Service Operations and Incident command as my first exam. All the IFE champions within my brigade have recommended this for anyone that is already in the service, retained or whole-time. Now time for the revision! Hopefully have enough time as not taking it until October 2018. The feedback I got with reference to level 2 was that it would be too basic.


If anyone has any advice with reference to this unit it will be gratefully received.

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I sat the Level 2 Certificate exam today, it was straightforward enough though with all the effort studying and revising I've done since last October maybe I should've took the Level 3 Certificate instead. I'm confident I passed so I'll just use the knowledge to carry on into the Level 3 either in October or next March. 

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