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ETHANE Messages


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Following the JESIP recommendation that CHALETS be replaced with a METHANE/ETHANE format, have any brigades adopted this as a method for informative messages? We now do this upon first informative and a second one 10 mins into an incident.

We incorporate a HAULE message into this format if need be, and as you can imagine it can take up a fair bit of radio time. I'm doing my driving at the moment so brushing up on my command support. One thing I do notice is that it's something I've yet to see the police or ambulance use on a job.

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Ive only ever used the METHANE on an exercise. However, I do like how different brigades use a different mnemonic such as your HAULE. We in GMFRS us the UHALES which is obviously the same thing. For those looking in

  • U - Use of Building
  • H - Height of Building
  • A - Area of Building
  • L - Location of Fire
  • E - Equipment in Use
  • S - Sectors in Use

This brings me onto another topic of Tactical Mode which usually follows the above. However, without ruining this thread I will start a new one ;)

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It's now written into our policy, but old habits die hard, always gets used on multiagency exercises and is now required on incident command refreshers and assessments .

It tends to get used more at the larger jobs, definitely the multi agency ones, I've even used the phone app to send my ethane to  others and police at one incident. (Very good if you've got time as it stores the info and uses the mapping function only good if you've got a smart phone though)  - this will probably work on mdt eventually when esn comes in, as it will be over phone network not airwave, but I won't hold my breath with the current delays on that one. 

Carl - jesip were hyper critical of all the different  acronyms we (all services ) use and you can see why when m/ethane generally works across the board.

When we start getting  inspected by HMICFRS the embedding of jesip principles (including ethane)will be a theme as we"ve already all had audits and most came up short, so I guess most brigades will start to pay more attention to this area.(apart from 1 goody two shoes brigade up north ? who already do it across the board )

In respect of police and Ambos as before at larger jobs yes, otherwise - no.

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