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Luminescent Hosereel


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Lincs have something similar but its black with a yellow arrows on it, looks very similar to the Gloforce HR this company sell.  

It does's stay clean long and does wear in places, as regards to glow factor, not something I'd trust.

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New pumps in H&W now come with bright yellow hosereel, havent used it as they’re all going to WT stations first. Most of the trucks here have a glow in the dark stripe spiralled around the lengths, hit and miss dependant on the cleanliness and wear and tear on the hose

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Yes we have the black spiralled ones with directional arrows aswell, but agree as they get dirty, just wondered how effective the total luminescence was.

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GMFRS changed to yellow hose reel tubing a few years back. Not sure if its luminous or not. Not sure it makes much difference as its a bugger to clean and the yellow soon looks black. :(

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Bit off topic, but we trialled luminous cylinder covers whilst  was in the BA team.  Great when brand new, hot soot particles stick in the luminous covering and soon make them useless. I'm guessing luminous markings on HRJ's get just as mucky and just as useless...

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