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Hereford & Worcester FRS Success


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Hello everyone,

I've recently been offered a permanent position with HWFRS as a Wholetime Firefighter.  It feels like it's been a long process and I'm now relieved and excited to have got to this point.

There have been many posts on this forum in regard to recruitment and having read a wide range of people's expectations I thought I would share my experience to show the extent of the dedication I've had to demonstrate to be offered a position.  It's been stressful, frustrating and expensive in terms of money and time!  All worth it I've no doubt.  Below are the various stages I reached.  I started applying in April 2017 - 

  • Cornwall - Unsuccessful application form
  • West Yorkshire - Unsuccessful online assessment
  • Humberside - Unsuccessful online assessment
  • Kent - Successful interview (no offer of employment)
  • Cheshire - Unsuccessful interview
  • Merseyside - Unsuccessful assessment centre
  • Hereford & Worcester - Offer!

Hopefully this helps anyone out there who has been dis-heartened or lost faith by failing at a stage on their 1st or 10th attempt.  Keep going, prepare well and don't kid yourself it's down to luck.  The interview I was best prepared for was with Hereford & Worcester.

Good luck to anyone currently applying to become a Firefighter



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Well done Ben, theres some good stations in H&W with tremendous oppurtunities. Im RDS in H&W so we may cross paths. Any info you may wants dont hesitate to PM me. Whereabouts are you from?

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I certainly will Carl, this forum has really helped me out a few times so it would be great repay the favour to someone else

Thanks Luminoki, I'll send you a PM.  I live near York at the moment but looking forward to moving to H&W!

Thanks Hattie and Bagnall

That'll be my pleasure Noddy!  Can't wait to move to that part of the world

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