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Manchester Fatal Fire - Jackson Street


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First of all I would like to thank all those who have contacted myself out of concern for this job we had in Salford in the early hours of Monday morning.

For those confused, the reference to Salford is the Borough of Salford of which 60% of my Station Ground lies in. 

As some of you had worked out, it is indeed my station ground, and sadly my watch, Greens were on duty and the first in attendance.

I am however, glad to say that I was on annual leave so didn't attend. Ive seen enough over the years so happy to sit this one out. I have spoken to the watch and they are all OK, despite the fact that we have attended and dealt with 7 dead children in the past 6 months alone, as most may have seen this one which we also attended in the summer.

For those who are wishing to join the service, you may see nothing in years, but do take into account that as glamorous that the job can sometimes be, it can also be horrendous.

Jackson Street.png

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A dreadful job with a curious background to it which I am sure will come out over time.

Media reports (often notoriously inaccurate of course) say the scaffolding outside the house may have allowed access for the arsonists - one report suggesting accelerant down the chimney. 

However I went to a multi child fatal fire where media reports said the mother was seen chanting and running around in the bedroom as the fire burned. The truth was she was strangled by her husband before he torched the place so care must be taken with lazy media reports.


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I can second what Carl has said about propective recruits, you really dont know what is round the corner. One of my course had a fatal rtc on his first night. And he was doing trauma care on the man that died. Anothers crew came across a fatal hit and run 20 seconds after the fact whilst returning from some training ( both horrendous accounts by all means )

My own personal experiences have been nil whilst on station thankfully. Honestly i cant imagine fatalities involving children. But my watch were first in attendance to this last year and listening to them talk about it recently did hit home, especially right now as im typing this whilst getting a bit of respite after being up all night with my 2 day old daughter

Hope your watch is ok Carl

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I’ll admit I didn’t make the connection Carl as I only saw that it was in Salford. I forget how big the actual borough is! Our CU and 1st pump went on it as CU support but they didn’t see/do much there. 

Thoughts are with your watch mate.

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Yep this job isn't always about glitz and glamour that many applicants perceive it to be.  Sometimes we have to deal with very harrowing situations and process very disturbing sights.

Good work by your watch Carl and other crews who attended, and RIP to the victims of this horrible tradegy.

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Thoughts with your crews Carl, totally agree, we've just got a new recruit started, and been telling her a few home truths, that it's occasionally not very pretty, with our local underground stations being semi regulars, and this one a couple of years back as a shining example.

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As a update and in case you have not seen the news, the Jackson Street case finished today and sentences dished out. No outcome would be a good one, but at least they will be locked up and prevented from carrying out any similar attacks. 

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