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On Station Bars

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Resurrected from the old forum but do any of your stations still have bars? Obviously not in use. And does anyone on here remember them in use?

Ive been hearing stories about some of the bars in West Mids. Ones such as the old Dudley station that had an underground bar that connected to the police station next door “used to have the ambulancemen and nurses come over on a friday and saturday night” Or how the bar at Aston was especially busy on match days and sprogs had to spend all day behind it. And one old hand telling me “in those days, you were never allowed in the bar as a sprog ... unless you had passed an exam, which was every 6 weeks, then you had to buy the whole watch of 19 a round”

Bars disappeared in West Mids July 97 im told and the computer room at my station is where it used to be with the dignity room and female locker room opposite where the “snugs” were. As im in development i think its funny that 20 years later theres a different reason for someone to spend all evening in that room

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Last one I knew of personally was Jay’s Rest at Edmonton fire station in LFB. Think It closed down a few years ago. I never went but remember seeing it advertised a lot for retirement dos and other functions. 

I think bars should come back. Obviously not for the on duty staff...but a politician based in Westminster would be hard pushed to justify why we can’t have our own social clubs...

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I don't know of any bars on any station, now or at anytime in the past 40 years, neither do I know about any antics that may or may not have occured within or nearby the aforementioned bars your Honour ?.

Therefore I plead Not Guilty.

Er, what was the question?

(What went on there most definitely stays there - especially on a public forum)

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I was mainly after fond memories, not character assassinating tales. I suppose i could ask many questions but i suspect there wouldnt be many forthcoming with answers

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Meet a fftr from the old Stafford town centre fire station, must be over 30 years ago, he told me questions had been asked after a visiting army unit had been in for "drinks" and were found

Sliding head first down the poles later that night, what was a massive station housing station, control and hq is now a supermarket

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8 hours ago, Luminoki said:

I'm told and the computer room at my station is where it used to be with the dignity room and female locker room opposite where the “snugs” were. 

How times have changed, a dignity room? 

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They've all gone around here now I think certainly at the bigger stations where refurb's have happened over the last 10 years or so.  Some of the smaller stations may have a bar area but no functioning anymore.  

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Luminoki 97 was when onduty firefighters were no longer allowed to drink but bars on station remained open long after that.  When I joined in 98 I was made a barmen and served the punters who came in. In the mid 00‘s we would start a night out in the bar on station before going into town at the end of the shift.

Bars actually disappeared completely when each station was refurbed and I’m sure none are left now.  

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