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Employment Opportunity for Retiring Firefighters


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Good day

I work for a company called Richfords Fire and Flood, and we do damage limitation and restoration work for insurance companies following fires or floods in their policy holders homes. Currently we have a few technicians who have retired from the Fire and Rescue services, and we have found them to be the right fit for our company in terms of their people, decision making and technical skills. At present, we have various positions available across three depots in the South of England (Bracknell/Cullompton/Redruth) and we are trying to reach out to ex Fire Services personnel who have retired or are about to retire, and would like to take up the challenge of helping us restore peoples lives after these types of incidents.

Please see the video link below which demonstrates quite well the type of work we do from an ex Fire Services employee's perspective.

If you feel you would be interested in finding out more, please do get in touch with me by email: ashleycarr@richfords.com

Regards Ashley

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Thanks for your comments and queries. Richfords has been operating for 40 years and I'm sure we will be around in years to come so do bear this opportunity in mind. Regarding travel, if you are interested in a position I would suggest you make contact and we can discuss the options. In an ideal world we need as much coverage as possible and potential remote workers has been on the cards for some time. Our coverage at present is predominantly the South of England however there is a push from our client base to go North and cover the midlands etc. Once again, if you are interested in a position please do get in touch and we can discuss the options.

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